Women Against Violence Association

About Us

Reference to your letter of 25/1/2010 to register a foundation, in Amman, under the name “Group of Women Against _Violence”, please note that according to article (c / 11) of the association act no. 51 of 2008 and its amendments, the board of registry decided to register an association under the name “Group of Women Against Violence” as a private charitable association no. 2063 dated on 7/3/2010 , with file no. GSIl027 to fall within the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Social Development Wadi al Seer.

Who we are

Goals and Objectives:
  1. To enhance the cultural and social roles of women in building society.
  2. To address the issue of violence against women in all its forms.
  3. To create a venue where women from the region in particular could discuss and share stories related to physical, psychological and social abuse and suffering including effects of terrorist attacks on their lives.
  4. To clarify concepts related to violence and terrorism, and expose real motivations behind them in a bid to help prevent them.
To achieve the above objectives, the association intends to implement the following Projects, programs and activities:
  1. To communicate with the largest possible number of women who have experienced violence.
  2. To publish articles/stories on women’s mental, physical, and social suffering.
  3. To hold local and international conferences to discuss violence against women.
  4. To prompt women to do their role in the renaissance through the promotion of the spirit of values, freedom, and justice for women.

Our message

Women Against Violence Association (WAV)
Kholoud Khrais (WAV President)
Better Late Than Never” and lighting a candle, as they”say, is better than cursing the darkness. Indeed, the inauguration of our Association today is a true embodiment of these proverbs.
With the transformation of violence (including terrorism) into a political phenomenon with social and ideological roots, making itself felt in everyday life, we found an urgent need to sound the alarm and take action thanks to the will of those with an initiative and the courage of those with a conscience. Our belief in the capabilities of women -”half of the society”- holds that they are up to that duty they share with their male partners.
It is not possible for women to succeed in the mission imposed on them without Empowerment, absence of which was one of the reasons of the growth of violence and extremism.
We take on the responsibility to clarify the real concepts of the phenomenon of violence and terrorism and to contribute to finding solutions to curb this phenomenon, which threatens human societies, including Arab and Islamic countries.
To achieve these goals, we decided to communicate with the largest possible number of women who have been subjected to violence and to highlight their suffering. We will not wait for our turn in joining the mothers and wives who have lost husbands and sons who were killed in acts of barbarism, and we will contribute with the millions of women around the world in the delivery of our societies to safety.
In most cases, and given most circumstances, women tend to be the most prominent victims of violence and, terrorism. According to formal international statistics the number of women who were killed because of ignorance or violence during the last fifty years exceeded the number of men who died in all wars which the twentieth century witnessed.